Principal, Engineering

Reports to: President 

This senior leadership role supports, and directly contributes to, the enduring success of our client. The Principal acts as an account executive with new and existing clients; manages and leads a team of engineering and design employees and ensures their sufficient workload; and is involved in the ongoing operational and strategic development of the firm. 

Required Responsibilities 

Business Development 

  • Develop new clients through targeted outreach and follow-up efforts, including telephone calls, networking events, office visits, and business meetings. Build relationships with new clients and maintain profitable relationships with existing clients. 

  • Participate in preparing proposals, proposal interviews and presentations, and follow-up during and after project completion. 

  • Strengthen level of service to clients through management, serving as the main client contact, providing timely communication and correspondence with the client, and seeking repeat client work. 

  • Meet regularly with existing clients to discuss current projects, evaluate firm performance, and identify other business opportunities with them or through referrals. 

  • Participate in Corporate public relations efforts by preparing project summaries or technical articles for public release and participating in community activities sponsored by clients and related professional organizations. 

Project Management and Team Leadership 

    • Serve as a project-specific project manager when specifically requested by the client or on an interim basis when a project manager is not available. 

    • Final authorization over analysis and design work for your clients’ projects, and all assigned projects. 

    • Work with all involved disciplines; prepare or delegate estimated manpower requirements, schedules, and other pertinent data; prepare fee proposals; and conduct fee and contractual agreement negotiations. 

    • Ensure that code checks, zoning status, and all other applicable laws and regulations are met. 

    • Direct the work of project managers and senior engineers and designers - for your clients’ projects, and all assigned projects - including confirming workload for project team; approving workload and billing; defining team roles on a given project; and coordinating with other teams and staff for workload. 

    • Responsible for efficiency, productivity, and quality control. 

    • Responsible for budget management and review of billings and receivables, through the utilization of project management accounting software. 

  • Final authorization, as needed, over design documents and reports for your clients’ projects and all assigned projects. 

  • Serve as an accessible senior point of contact for clients and provide responsive and timely answers and solutions to client concerns. 

  • Directly responsible for the completion of the billing process, collection of client billings and other operational and financial matters. Hold clients accountable for meeting the terms of their contracts. 


  • Participate in civic, community and/or professional organizations 

  • Participate in the development of corporate policy. 

  • Periodically assist in the review of personnel policies and procedures. 

  • Further develop efficient and quality-based operations in the office. 

Yearly Objectives 

  • Ensure that your clients’ projects, and all assigned projects, are completed on time and within budget, and to the satisfaction of the client. 

  • Ensure that payment for billed work is invoiced monthly and is collected completely in a timely manner throughout the duration of the project. 

  • Through successful account executive efforts, secure work with new clients, as well as repeat or referral work from existing clients. 

  • Yearly revenue expectations will be specified in a meeting with President or his/her designee. 

  • Proactively pursue continued education, training, certifications, and opportunities to network within our industry. 


Education and Experience 

    • Proven, increasing competency over the course of your engineering career. 

    • Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, or a related discipline. 

    • Technical/Professional expertise with 15 or more years of engineering management experience. At least 10 of those years must have been in an engineering consulting environment. 

    • Demonstration of effective verbal and written organizational and communication skills. 

    • Familiar with current codes and standards. 

    • Strong account management experience with demonstrated long-term B2B relationships. 

    • Skilled in the concurrent financial, logistical, and technical management of multiple projects at one time, through all design and construction phases. 

Necessary Abilities 

Using a wide scope of independent judgment, bring projects to their successful conclusion including financial objectives. Ensure client satisfaction and increase the amount of new work coming into the firm. Provide leadership to project teams. Train and mentor technical and project management staff. Lead complicated projects with multidiscipline involvement and various stakeholders.